If you're looking to improve your writing, our editor is ready to help you take your stories to the next level.

How We Help

Comprehensive Report

You'll receive an up to 1,000-word report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of your work with suggestions for improvement. We will analyze the core elements of your story, including plot, character,  tone, voice, structure, setting, and theme, to help you understand how you can make your story as great as it can be

In-Line Edits

You'll receive a draft of your story with edits and comments addressing grammar and clarity. All edits are made with track-changes, so all you have to do is accept or reject each suggestion.

Two Rounds of Editing!

After reading over our report and edits, you can revise your story and send it back to us for a second round of editing to make sure you understood and effectively implemented our suggestions for improvement.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience

Our editor has been published in multiple journals and written more than 45,000 words in feedback essays. He knows what magazines are looking for, and he can help you align your work with their expectations.

More Than Grammar and Punctuation

We dive below the surface of your story to analyze its core elements. We'll fix any grammar issues for you in track-changes, so you can focus on implementing our big-picture suggestions.

Competitive Pricing

At The Mighty Line, we are committed to helping emerging writers with professional services at prices they can afford. We offer two rounds of developmental editing for only $0.04 a word.

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